Author's Note

One underlying theme of The Godhead, not in the original plan, blossomed into a search for the Answer to Everything, which might not be as presumptuous as it sounds. Everyone seems to take a run at this search in one way or another, although for this book I first needed to broach a few of the mothers of all questions. How existence came into being, maybe for openers, because that answer might logically lead to what the goals should be for those of us still foundering around inside this dimension.

This isn't absolutely pertinent to the story, by the way. It's more like background music that I feel necessary to properly frame The Godhead. Anyway, thanks to the revelations of quantum physics we might no longer have to go through a metaphysical looking glass to find, most mystical of all puzzles, the origin of existence. And strangely enough those quantum findings--that the elemental stuff of existence might well be non-existence, for example--agree word for word with a large tract of eastern mysticism, most of it stemming from the Tao.

Maybe we're onto something here. Maybe we all somehow exist only within our own self-created, virtual matrix of unreality. Whatever, one hoped-for result of this writing is the providing of something a reader can re-think, take off the shelf and stroke occasionally.

For instance, is it possible that just one man, Lao-Tse, in writing the Tao Te Ching twenty-five centuries ago, perceived the exact world that the quantum studies are just now proving? Exactly proving? And is it possible that someone of such perception, then, could also have perceived the real goal of existence?

Stop and listen a moment. I've been working on that.

E. B. Robinson